Options are one form of security instrument used by many business owners to save their money in the form of investment. Options are similar to mutual funds, security bonds and stocks but it has a versatile nature. It is a financial instrument used by investors for short term to get more profit with fewer risks. It involves a buyer and a seller. The buyer is the person who purchases the stock option from the seller by paying a premium or strike price within a fixed period of time (expiration date of option). There are two types of option available in option trading. They are call and put option. If the price of a particular stock rises in the stock market then you can buy the call option, which will yield you a greater profit. If the price of the same stock reduces in the market, you can earn profit by buying the put option of that stock which helps you to make profit.

If you want to do option trading, it is necessary for you to have a trading account, which may be a cash account or margin account. Cash account as the name implies involves hot cash to purchase any option from the seller while in margin account the buyer provides any stock, bonds or any collateral to the brokerage firm to start up the option trading. To open a cash account you are not required to deposit any money but if you are interested to open a margin account then you may need to pay $2000 of minimum deposit to the brokerage firm. If you want to perform options trading effectively then try to have an online brokerage account, which is better than the offline brokerage account. Online brokerage helps you to earn large profit than offline brokerage.

The main advantage of option trading is its leverage power. It is cost efficient compared to stocks. If you are investing $100 for 500 shares of a stock then the buyer has to deposit huge money, but if an investor intends to buy the call option of the stock or any commodity, they can save money as the option costs very less than the stock. If the share market of certain stocks or commodities falls then, you can get profit by means of put option, which can be used, in uncertain market conditions.

If you don’t know about option trading get proper training from financial executives as improper usage of option will lead to many problems.

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Commodities are nothing but goods which satisfies the needs of people around the world. Rice or wheat are termed as agricultural goods while petrol and gas are classified as energy goods or commodities. The commodity prices are determined based on the supply and demand. Usually the prices for goods are fixed based on their quantitative weight but in case of petrol or other oil it is usually fixed based on the barrel.

Commodity prices play an important role in stock market. Are you wondered, yes it is true. If the supply of petrol is decreased then the price of petrol may rise. When there is higher price for any commodity, many owners of big companies invest in shares. The stock market will do well if the commodity prices are increased. But if the commodity prices are low for a particular good then the stock market will not perform well, so at this time investors are advised not to invest in the share for the specific commodity. So keep an eye on the commodity prices as it will help to make more money.

Due to inflation the commodity prices of food items such as vegetables increases in various countries. If you use technical analysis to measure the price trend you will see that the high and unstable commodity prices poses risk to the economic growth of a country. If a commodity can be substituted by another good then it is termed as elastic commodity, for example if there is not enough supply of coffee then it can be substituted by tea. But if a commodity is not substituted by any other good then it is considered as inelastic commodity. For example, oil is termed as inelastic commodity as people are willing to buy it even if the commodity price increases. This is because there is no substitute for oil. But slowly alternate sources are growing up. Buying a gold ira for your retiremenent account is the best way to protect yourself from inflation.

Who fixes the commodity prices?

It is not fixed by a single person as they are traded by means of future contract in commodity exchange. The commodity prices will be determined based on the supply of the goods. If the supply of petrol is enormous then the commodity price of petrol will automatically decrease. But if there is a shortage of petrol then the commodity price will hike up.

What are the factors which have an impact on commodity prices?

Even though the commodity prices are set by exchanges by means of future contract there are certain factors which affect the prices. If the weather is not good, then the agricultural commodities such as rice and wheat will not be produced in huge quantity. This will cause a demand for the commodity in the market which in turn raises the commodity price. Many crops such as soya bean or corn are used for bio fuel (ethanol) production in developed countries. This in turn may affect the commodity prices of staple foods (corn).

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Why Forex Trading Is The Most Ideal Market For Investors And Traders

There are several advantages and benefits of trading forex. Below are some of the reasons why people will not just stop trading and investing in this high liquidity market:

- No commission

Unlike other types of investment markets, there are no brokerage fees, no government fees, no exchange rates, and no clearing fees in the forex market. The middle men (brokers) involved in this market make their money from the bid-ask price (which is actually a very tiny fraction of the investment).

- Low cost of transaction

In currency trading, the bid/ask spread on each buy/sell transaction is less than 0.1% of the investment. This makes it more alluring to investors and traders.

- Market opens for 24 hours

Unlike in the stock market where trading is done only at a specific period of the day, traders in the currency market buy and sell at any time of the day. This is really great for traders who want to trade at night or on a part-time basis. You can decide when is most convenient for you to trade and not be restricted by time barriers.

- The size of the market

The forex market is the largest financial market in the world. Because of its size, no one can monopolize the market and force price movement for his benefit. No one has an advantage over the market no matter the size of his investment. The only possible advantage in this market is in trading experience which can be achieved by anyone.

- Its leverage

Because of its leverage, traders can trade large amounts of trades with a small deposit in their account. In this market, there leverage of 1:100 and 1:200, depending on the broker. This means that with $1000 in the account, you can control up to $100,000 or $200,000 in a single trade. This benefit enables traders make a considerable level of profit while minimizing their risks at the same time.

- High Liquidity

The enormous size of the forex market makes it highly liquid. This entails that buying and selling with a forex portal is done instantaneously. There is always a trader on the other side who is willing to buy the currency you want to sell. You don’t have to wait for the forces of demand and supply because the demand and supply in the forex market is unending. You can also decide to automate your trading platform in a way that sell or buy order can be easily executed even when you are not around.

These and several others are the reasons why the currency market has become the most favorite for investors and traders in the globe.

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Are You An Accredited Investor?

The US government has been educating people about investing correctly but what exactly is accredited investment and who is an accredited investor? Under the federal securities laws, an organization or non-public fund might not supply or sell securities unless the group action has been registered with the SEC or exemption from registration is accessible. Similarly, a few securities offerings that calculate exempt from registration might solely be offered to, or purchased by, persons are accredited investors. One main use of the authorized capitalist construct is to support individuals who will bear the economic risk of finance in these unregistered securities.
In contrast to offerings registered with the SEC within which accurate data are obligatory to be disclosed.

Corporations and personal funds, like a hedge fund or risk capital fund, participating in these exempt offerings does not require a disclosure to accredited investors. These offerings, typically noted as non-public placements, involve distinctive risks and you must bear in mind that you just might lose your entire investment. The SEC recently adopted rules to allow general advertising sure exempt offerings.

Are you an accredited investor?

An authorized capitalist, within the context of a person, includes anyone who earned financial gain that exceeded $200,000 (or $300,000 alongside a spouse) in every of the previous 2 years, and fairly expects identical for this year, OR features an internet value over $1 million, either alone or alongside a mate (excluding the worth of the person’s primary residence).

On the financial gain take a look at, the person should satisfy the thresholds for the 3 years systematically either alone or with a legal partner, and cannot, for instance, satisfy one year supported individual financial gain and therefore the next 2 years supported joint financial gain with a mate. The only exception is that if an individual is married at intervals this era, that during which within which} case the person might convince the brink on the estimation of joint financial gain for the years throughout which the person was married and on the idea of individual financial gain for the opposite years.

In addition, entities like banks, partnerships, companies, nonprofits and trusts is also authorized investors. Of the entities that might be thought-about accredited investors. Reckoning on your circumstances, the subsequent is also relevant to you and any trust, with total assets in way over $5 million, not fashioned to specifically purchase the topic securities, whose purchase is directed by a complicated person, or any entity within which all of the equity homeowners are authorized accredited investors.

In that context, a complicated person suggests that the person should deliver, or the corporation or non-public fund giving the securities moderately believes that this person has, comfortable information and skill in monetary and business matters to gauge the deserves and risks of the possible investment.

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All you need to know to successfully buy growth stocks

Contrary to what many people think, it is usually not a walk in the park when you want to buy growth stocks. There are many things that go into buying these stocks and it pays a big deal when a trader understands this fact, especially it being a long term investment.

In the event that you are a beginner, you might be wondering what a growth stock is. Growth stock refers to a stock owned by a company which generates a lot of income or cash flow. According to investment and financial experts, earnings as well as revenues of growth stocks are normally expected to shoot at a quicker rate than just an average corporation in the very same business. A growth company has more advantage over the rest. That is in terms of new products, patent breakthrough and overseas expansion. All these allow it to ward off its competitors.

However, when you buy growth stocks, you should actually expect smaller dividends in order to find the best stocks to buy now. This is the case because the company retains some earnings to re-invest in several capital projects that will help generate more income. For this reason, there are many factors that you will need to really consider when buying growth stocks from any company.

Important steps in buying growth stocks

• Seek to understand the dividends in those stocks. The major formula used to calculate this is adding the dividend yield and the share value growth. For instance, if a company pays 5% as a dividend and at the same time pays 6% each year as an appreciation, then you will 11% total return from that company.

• Come up with a list of potential candidates to choose from. There are many stocks out there in the market to choose from and therefore, it will be easier for you to first draw a list of the companies whose stocks you would like to buy. You can take you research online and seek to understand which companies are doing well in various stock markets.

• Look for companies which pay dividends without any problems. Check this for about the last ten years. This information is usually available in the companies’ websites.

• Go for high equity returns, with a minimum of 15% for a period of five years. But experts say 20% is best.

• Make sure too read the annual reports as well as quarterly reports of the company whose stocks you want to buy. Don’t buy growth stocks from a company which is known for not increasing the dividends for more than two or three years.

These are important tips that you will need to keep in mind when looking to buy growth stocks for a long term investment. IF you are looking for the group of stocks to buy I would recommend that you look at gold stocks for the best investments.

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Nasdaq ETFs Stock Trading- a hope in tough market

In 2012, Nasdaq 100 ETFs have been proved advantageous for the marketers who were continuously witnessing the debt crisis and facing financial losses by investing in a variety such as stocks and gold. This variety of investments has made the investors to experience the decline in the value of gold and stocks. However, short ETFs have provided an inverse result to the marketers. To deliver a hope of progress and the tangible benefits in the midst of the debt crisis is hard but, the Nadsaq ETFs have achieved it.

Nasdaq Triple Crown ETFs

The triple crown ETFs have been successful in achieving what other ETFs have failed to achieve just in one or three months. And this has compelled the investors to give it a close look. A variety of Nasdaq ETFs have been giving positive revenue to the investors throughout this year. In the EU debt crisis, these ETFs have risen as a hope to the marketers. According to the statistics, the Triple Crown ETFs have attained around 3.6% to 6.6% of benefits just in the last month. Isn’t it fascinating to hear this in such intense conditions of the markets? It certainly comes across as a surprise.

The well-known stocks in ETF

The current rank of the 10 Triple Crown ETFs has compelled the marketers to focus on them. The list of top 10 ETFs has offered a diversifying aspect of benefits that no other ETF has ever offered. However, till the last year which was 2011, the 8 out of these 10 Triple Crown ETFs were facing a decline that is they were unable to deliver positive returns. And the declines were measured from 3% to 37%, but surprisingly by the year 2012 all the 10 changed the path and have been giving improved positive returns from the beginning. Evidently, the returns have been benefiting all three crucial time periods of the EU debt crisis.

Nasdaq ETFs Stock in check

Besides the individual benefits that the Nasdaq ETFs have been providing, the other attractions to this benefited investment in the S and P 500 tracking. These tracking have experienced a decline in the percentage. Around 3% to 100%, the prices of gold, the merge of the markets and the ETF tracking faced decline in the last month. Thus, the variety of investment witnesses some variety of effects, but in the present year this has been proved comparatively beneficial.The list illustrates a variety including the worth of the products that are available in the ETF toolbox. The intensity of these products has compelled the market to experience the declines along with the opportunities to the ETF investors to be successful in Nasdaq ETFs.

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